SIEMENS LOGO! soft comfort v6

LOGO! - The logic module for micro automation

Implement your own simple automation projects or simplify your existing control cabinet which already contain time switch, timing relays, counters and contactor relay - LOGO! is the complete all-in-one solution. With its 8 basic logic and 31 special functions, LOGO! replaces a wide range of conventional switchgear/control devices. Now even more versatile for analog value applications and simple control task. Easy-to-mount, minimum wiring, easy programming . . . done!

LOGO! - Products and solutions

Simply unique - simply ingenious LOGO!, the intelligent logic module with forward-thinking technology. LOGO! inspires you to be completely flexible. The LOGO! 'basic' and LOGO! 'pure', together with a wide range of expansion modules, cover a broad spectrum of applications and are always capable of future modifications.

LOGO! - Logical way to reduce costs
  • Replaces many conventional switching devices
  • Smaller footprint in switchgear/control cabinet
  • Fewer accessories
  • Requires fewer items to be stocked
  • Lower-maintenance due to solid-state components
LOGO! - Reduce implementation time
  • Simply snaps on to 35 mm DIN rail
  • Less wiring
  • Simply 'drag-and-drop' graphical programming interface
  • Freely available, pre-tested sample programs can easily be adapted, tested, and transferred without error
  • Simple configuration
  • Advanced documentation generation and version control
  • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment on the LOGO! units that have a real-time-clock.
LOGO! - Compact and space saving
  • 4 modular widths are sufficient to replace a large number of relays, time switches and contactor relays
  • 8 basic and 31 special functions replace many switching devices
  • Save space on accessories and mounting options
LOGO! - Universally usable
  • Can be used in both industrial and residential applications
  • Vibration tolerant
  • High electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Worldwide industry-standard certifications
  • Suitable for most climatic conditions (SIPLUS versions are available for extreme temperature and harsh chemical environments)
  • Radio interference suppression class B

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